Transforming Tomorrow

WinnMed is growing in many ways to meet the needs of the broader region. One of the ways that will be most visible is in our facilities with the Transforming Tomorrow project, which involves a major facility expansion and remodel.

Transforming Tomorrow

What is Transforming Tomorrow?

Transforming Tomorrow is a long-term facility growth and improvement plan for WinnMed. Project costs are budgeted at $50 million and will be financed in large part by low-interest USDA loans. The remaining balance will be funded by WinnMed dollars and loans from local banks. The work is anticipated to be complete in early 2026.

Expansion Highlights

Expanding and remodeling the existing footprint, Transforming Tomorrow will provide:

  • A new, fully renovated birthing unit that features all Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum (LDRP) suites, and direct access from Obstetrics to Surgery for patients needing a C-section.
  • An expanded Surgery area to include larger rooms to accommodate new technology and an additional operating room to meet the growing volume of their surgical practice.
  • A two-story addition to house expanded primary and specialty clinics to the north of the current clinic building, allowing for additional access, growth, a better patient experience, and promotion of team based care.  To stay within the project budget of $50 million, renovations of the existing clinic space will be completed outside of Transforming Tomorrow as a capital project, pending the financial feasibility of this additional work in the future.


WinnMed is committed to practices for the Transforming Tomorrow project that align with the Decorah Sustainability Plan.

Highlights include:

Vision of Energy Use in Decorah
  • Capacity in existing roof structure to support future solar panels.
  • 100% LED lighting for interior and exterior fixtures.  Majority of fixtures will be controlled by a dimmer to maximize energy savings.  Vacancy sensors will be provided in spaces like offices and bathrooms for automatic off control.  Photocells will be provided in new clinic lobby for automatic dimming control.
  • Pumps and fans equipped with variable speed drives to maximize energy savings.
Vision of Transportation
  • Level 2 electric vehicle chargers will be provided.
A Vision for Social Sustainability
  • The hospital is a community asset, offering quality healthcare.
Vision Statement for Air and Water
  • A retainage pond will be added near the north addition for storm water management.
Virtual Walk-Through

Experience a virtual walk-through of renovated and expanded spaces with our Transforming Tomorrow project.

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