WinnMed opens online scheduling for screening mammograms

With patient convenience in mind, WinnMed is pleased to provide online scheduling for 3D screening mammograms to patients who have a WinnMed MyChart account. Patients can log into their MyChart account on the WinnMed website (, and enter the Visits tab.  From there, follow the prompts to schedule a screening mammogram appointment.

A yearly screening mammogram is recommended beginning at age 40 or earlier if recommended by your doctor. A screening mammogram documents changes to the breast tissue over time and can alert the radiologist to abnormalities early in the disease process.

Most insurance plans cover an annual screening mammogram.  When scheduling online, be sure to select a date that is over one year from your previous mammogram.

Breast cancer can be treated most successfully when it is found early, many times before a lump can even be felt. Mammography is the most effective method of screening for breast cancer and can lead to early detection, which is the key to higher survival rates, better prognosis and lower treatment costs.

WinnMed provides a full-time, on-site Mayo Clinic Health System radiologist who specializes in breast health and breast disease diagnosis. Their mammography suite is staffed with certified mammography technologists, including technologists trained in mammography for women with breast implants. WinnMed mammography offers daily appointments, Monday through Friday.  Schedule online via MyChart, or call 563-387-3022.

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