Anti-Coagulation Clinic

If you have received a diagnosis from your doctor that requires a blood thinner for treatment, you may be apprehensive and have questions. WinnMed has a unique service to northeast Iowa that will help put you at ease.

The Anti-Coagulation Clinic (AC Clinic) is a service designed with patient safety and convenience in mind. People who benefit from the AC Clinic are those on blood thinners (specifically Coumadin, generic – Warfarin), a medication taken to thin the blood to avoid clotting. Blood clots may develop after surgery, or develop along with various heart conditions such as atrial fibrillation. Blood clots may also develop in extremities or lungs, and as a result of previous strokes, heart attacks or heart valve replacements.

When visiting the AC Clinic, patients give blood via finger stick, and check it with an anti-coagulation monitor. Results are produced in less than one minute, and specially trained nurses adjust dosages of the medication by following pre-established protocols. The nurses with the AC Clinic then write daily instructions for patients to take home, which help reduce medication errors.

AC Clinic appointments at WinnMed can be made through a referral from your doctor.  Talk to you doctor to determine if you can benefit from this service.

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