Cardiac Rehab

After a heart attack, negative thoughts and emotions can become overwhelming. Will I have another heart attack? Can I live a normal life? What can’t I do? What can I do? WinnMed Cardiac Rehabilitation is here to help answer all your questions, calm your fears and reassure you that you can live a normal life.

Cardiac Rehab is a specialized exercise and education program for people who have experienced a heart attack, by-pass surgery, stent placement, valve replacement, live with chronic stable angina, live with heart failure, have had a heart transplant or are currently on an LVAD. It is also designed to help strengthen those who live with heart failure, although Medicare will not cover the cost of Cardiac Rehab for this diagnosis.

Our program combines a little bit of work with a good dose of fun. We are here to help you slowly and steadily recover and feel like yourself again. The program is designed to slowly and safely increase your level of activity while monitoring your cardiovascular system (heart and circulation) to make sure you are safe and doing well.

We also offer education to help you understand what has happened to you and where you go from here. Included is information on healthy eating, how and what to do for daily exercise, how to manage your stress, medications, signs and symptoms and emotional adjustment to cardiac disease.

Our program is run by a registered nurse and a rehab tech or athletic trainer. The length of therapy depends on how well you are feeling, how your body is tolerating exercise and how active you are on your own.

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