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The Medical/Surgical/Telemetry/Special Care Unit at WinnMed is where you receive your care if you are admitted to the hospital for medical or surgical care. Nurses on this unit provide the type of skilled nursing care you need, supervised by your doctor. Levels of care criteria have been determined by insurance companies. Depending on the insurance company, reimbursement rates may differ.

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Levels of Care

Acute Care

Patients are placed in acute care when they meet medical necessity and require medical care generally for more than 24 hours. WinnMed admits patients of all ages with a wide range of medical diagnosis. During acute care, the patient’s condition is changing and there is a need for evaluation of treatment on at least a daily basis. When in acute care, patients are seen daily by physicians, with individualized care coordinated by a care team, which may include nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, lab, and radiology.


Patients that require cardiac functioning monitored are placed on a portable telemetry unit that will transmit their heart rhythm to a central station that is monitored constantly by trained staff. When on telemetry, patients are able to move about and nurses and physicians closely monitor cardiac response to activity. All registered nurses hold certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Telemetry can be ordered in both Acute and Observation levels of care.

Special Care Unit

Patients are placed in the SCU (Special Care Unit) level of care when more intensive monitoring is required. Care is provided by nurses trained in cardiac monitoring and the use of IV cardiac drip medications.

Skilled Care

Skilled Care is a level of care for patients recovering from illness or surgery who no longer need acute care but are not ready to return to independent living. With the focus shifting from an acute issue to a stable rehabilitation focus, providers are available for issues that may arise, but routinely only see the patients weekly. An individualized, coordinated Plan of Care is developed and carried out by a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, social workers, rehabilitation therapists (physical, occupational, speech, respiratory), pharmacists, and dietitians. Some insurance policies do not include skilled care coverage. The health care team can work with the insurance company to determine if criteria are met.

Learn more about Skilled Care at WinnMed.


Recovery is an outpatient level of care for surgical patients. Patients typically start in Surgery & Infusion with the goal to be discharged within 24 hours. Patients may be discharged the same day of the procedure or they may stay extended hours if additional monitoring and nursing care is required.


Observation care is a level of care for medical patients with an anticipated stay of less than 24 hours. Short-term treatment, assessment, and re-assessment are on-going to decide if patients can safely be discharged or should be placed in acute care. Determinations are made on an hour-by-hour basis.

Hospice Room

WinnMed Hospice has a room on the Med-Surg unit designated for the care of hospice patients needing acute symptom management or respite care. This room has a home-like atmosphere with additional seating and bedroom furniture. Med-Surg staff collaborate with WinnMed Hospice staff in providing care to the patient and meeting the family’s needs.


Hospitalists are doctors who specialize in treating hospitalized patients. At WinnMed, Mayo Clinic Health System patients will see the hospitalist every day while you are in the hospital. The hospitalist is available to you and your family to answer questions and discuss treatment options. Hospitalists will attend to any emergencies that may arise, and may ask other physicians to participate in your care as well. Gundersen Health System patients are seen by their Gundersen Health System Hospitalist while in the hospital.

Benefits of a Hospitalist:

Hospitalists provide personalized care to in-patients. They can:

  • Order and read tests as needed
  • Discuss your concerns about your treatment
  • Available to talk to family throughout the day
  • Continually monitor your care and send you home as soon as you are ready

Can I still see my primary care provider?

While you are hospitalized, your treatment will by managed by the hospitalists. However, your primary care provider is welcome to pay you social visits. Just tell nursing staff you want to visit with him or her; they can arrange the visit for you. Follow-up appointments will be with your primary care provider or as directed by the hospitalist.

Patient Safety:

Your safety, while you are here and after you return home, is very important to us. The hospitalist will address your safety needs and create a plan that is tailored to you.

Patients come first at WinnMed. We will make every effort to assure you understand your diagnosis, medication schedule, and discharge instructions. We invite and encourage any questions from you or your loved ones.

Inpatient and Skilled Rehabilitation

Many people need help rebuilding strength and recovering independence during and after a hospitalization for a debilitating injury or illness. WinnMed’s rehab team includes physical, occupational, and speech therapists.  Our rehabilitation staff work closely with physicians, nurses, recreational therapy, social workers, dietitians, and other specialty staff to review and refine each patient’s individualized treatment plan during their hospitalization.

Physical Therapy

Develops an individualized treatment plan for:

  • Improving functional mobility skills
  • Improving strength and activity tolerance
  • Managing pain
  • Preventing further disability

Occupational Therapy

Develops individualized treatment plans to:

  • Improve independence with daily living activities
    • Bathing and Grooming
    • Dressing
    • Preparing meals
    • Completing housework
  • Complete cognitive evaluation and training

Speech Therapy

Develops individualized treatment plans for:

  • Improving their language and communication skills
  • Oral motor and swallowing skills assessment and management
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