Occupational Health

Employers know that no matter how committed to safety a business is, workers will be injured each and every year. When those injuries do occur, the Occupational Health Clinic at WinnMed provides appropriate medical care, including rehabilitation when needed, and will minimize the overall health care costs of a business.

By choosing the Occupational Health Clinic at WinnMed, you are electing to serve your employees and protect your business at the same time. We work with you by offering specialized pricing, simplified billing, and accurate, timely updates on your employee’s care. We are a one-stop shop for 24/7 care, including physicals, screenings, rehabilitation services, injury management, wellness promotion and educational programs. We trust that our program will surpass your needs as an employer, and do not ask for pricing agreements or contracts to continue our relationship with you.


Occupational Health Services

The Occupational Health Clinic at WinnMed wants to keep your employees safe and healthy. Research has shown that employees who promptly return to work after an injury (within the parameters of safety) recover faster than those who have extended leave of absences. We strive to protect your employees and your bottom line. We provide the services to help you promote employee wellness, including:

  • Workers compensation injury care
  • 24 hour coverage through our urgent care and emergency department
  • DOT examinations
  • Post-offer physicals
  • Pre-work rehabilitation screens
  • Hearing screening
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Respiratory fit testing
  • Breath and saliva alcohol testing
  • Urine drug testing
  • Ergonomic evaluations
  • Wellness screenings and Flu clinics
  • Educational offerings
  • Nutritional and Exercise In-services

Industrial Rehab

Industrial Rehab is provided by the WinnMed Rehab & Sports Medicine team.  Our work injury management program is a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates all aspects of a work-related injury – from overall prevention, to rehabilitation, to a safe and rapid return to work. Services are provided by physical and occupational therapists and include: rehabilitation of work-related injuries, functional capacity evaluations, job-site analysis, work hardening, pre-work screens, preventive educational sessions, and ergonomic evaluations.

Occupational therapists are trained through the Workwell-Isernhagen nationally recognized WIM program.

Contact Occupational Health

To learn more about Occupational Health at WinnMed, call us directly at 563-387-5325.

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Occupational Health

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