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WinnMed has been caring for you, your family and neighbors for more than 100 years. And we will continue to do so.

But when it comes to financing special projects to improve technology and to increase the variety of services offered locally, we need your help. The rapid changes in rural health care require medical centers to seek private funds for capital growth and replacement of equipment, educational opportunities for staff, the purchase of new technology and more.

2023 Donors & Gratitude Report

Thank you to our donors for your support and generosity over the past year. Please click on the links below for a complete listing of our 2023 Donors as well as our 2023 Gratitude Report.

2023 WinnMed Foundation Donors

2023 WinnMed Foundation Gratitude Report

2023 Annual Fund

WinnMed Foundation offers an opportunity to give unrestricted gifts through the Annual Fund. The Annual Fund supports patient education initiatives, technology updates, and efforts to recruit and retain knowledgeable and caring staff.

This year, the WinnMed Foundation is focused on financially supporting the organization’s obstetrics department expansion and renovation project. The renovated space will include six birthing suites that allow mothers and families to labor, deliver and stay in one room during their visit.

WinnMed Annual Fund Brochure

“I hope you will join me and many other Annual Fund donors in making an impact in our local community.  Together, we can help our family and friends receive essential services right here at home at WinnMed.”

Chris Redenius, WinnMed foundation president

Thank You 2023 Annual Fund Donors

We can’t wait for you to see your 2023 contributions at work through the progress of the OB renovation!

2022 Annual Fund Thank You

Foundation Spotlight

When we lose a loved one, we want them to be remembered. Amy Breitsprecher wanted her husband’s (Grant) memory to live on at WinnMed. She gifted dollars in memory of Grant to support local healthcare. One of Amy’s gifts helped to purchase a patient education book for WinnMed’s ENT (Ears, Nose, and Throat) practice as the department had been a touchstone in their healthcare journey. The book has helpful visuals for care discussions with patients. Thank you, Amy, for sharing Grant’s memory with us.

Planned Giving

The most common forms of giving are annual gifts of cash or securities. Planned gifts provide donors with a way to make larger gifts than they thought possible.

Many gift-giving tools help fulfill charitable wishes while enhancing the donor’s or their loved ones’ financial security. Types of planned gifts include bequests, life income gifts (such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts), retirement plans and life insurance.

WinnMed Foundation Funds

Planned Giving Brochure


The WinnMed Foundation has three endowment funds with the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa. These permanent funds support the ongoing needs of the work at the WinnMed.  Contributions to our endowment funds are eligible for a 25% state tax credit in addition to the federal tax deductions.

Guy Johnson Memorial Endowment Fund

Guy Johnson Memorial Endowment

Accomplished pianist, mentor, gracious host and beloved friend are just a few ways to describe Guy Johnson, who passed away in July of 2019. Prior to his passing Guy shared a personal goal of his: to give the WinnMed Foundation one million dollars. To support his wishes, the WinnMed Foundation created the Guy Johnson Memorial Endowment. This will allow them to ensure his legacy lives on. Read the full article.

Will or Trust Bequest

A bequest through a person’s will or trust is a simple, yet effective, way of providing a gift to the WinnMed Foundation after a person’s death.  The bequest may be a fixed dollar amount, a bequest of specific property, a bequest of a specific percentage of a person’s estate, or a bequest of the residue of a person’s estate.

Gifting through Retirement Plans

If individuals find themselves with large retirement plan assets and large IRAs, there are various charitable gifting opportunities.  If the WinnMed Foundation is named as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or IRA, the assets will come to the Foundation after the retiree or retiree spouse’s death with minimal estate and income tax reductions.

Gifts of Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance can provide a significant charitable deduction.  You could purchase a new policy or donate a policy that you currently own, and designate us as a beneficiary of the life insurance policy.  Check with your insurance agent for details.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is a special trust that pays income to family members.  After all the income payments are made, the remainder is distributed to qualified charities such as the WinnMed Foundation.

Matching Gifts

Many employers have matching gift programs through which a gift to the WinnMed Foundation can be multiplied.  This is an excellent way of increasing your support.

Contact the WinnMed Foundation

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss opportunities to support the WinnMed Foundation. We can provide information about estate planning, bequests, retirement assets and much more. Contact the Foundation office to arrange a time convenient for you.

Read the Latest Newsletters from the WMC Foundation
The hearing aid recycling program through the WinnMed Foundation has benefited patients who otherwise would be unable to get hearing aids; it truly changes their quality of life.
Cindy See, Au.D
WinnMed Foundation Board

The WinnMed Foundation Board is comprised of community leaders who volunteer their time, knowledge, compassion and resources toward our commitment to serving the health care needs of our patients.


Foundation Board Members:

Kerbie Dahlen, President
Mike Huinker, Vice President
Heidi Miller-Olinger, Sec./Treasurer
Andrew Bailey
Jim Burns
Rick Burras
Richard Gaard
Marcia Gullickson
Karla Hageman
Jennifer Harman
Eric Svestka, M.D.
Steve Slessor, WinnMed Chief Administrative Officer (Ex Officio)
Holly Kanengieter, WinnMed Foundation Coordinator

Contact the WinnMed Foundation

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss opportunities to support the WinnMed Foundation. Contact the Foundation office to arrange a time convenient for you.


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